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"I am so lucky that so many of my clients through the years have written about their experiences. I am grateful that I was and am able to help people change their lives." 
~Christine “Summer” Jones

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(copied from email)

From Minnesota - November 2020
(distance session)
ENTITY Removal testimonial—

On Thursday nights mini-healings I use tools that are quick and allows me to help as many people as possible but there are quite a few tools that I use only in private sessions. One of those tools is entity removal. So far I have successfully removed entities from people, pets, homes, and land. Entity removal is included in a one hour private session. Entities is a generic term that includes many different types.

"Summer helped me with a rather unusual issue when I was experiencing anxiety along with a feeling like I was being watched. She treated me respectfully, listened to what I told her was happening, evaluated what she thought could be the problem, and suggested we release an entity from my house. She exhibited the utmost professionalism as we dealt with this unusual issue and carefully walked me through each step of releasing the cause of the uneasiness I was experiencing. Since that one session, the anxiety and sense of being watched has completely disappeared and not returned. I'm grateful to Summer and her repertoire of energetic skills that she shared with me."

I wrote back and thanked her for the testimonial and that I was thrilled when she said it was gone (my early days of entity removal and learning to trust my process).


Here is her response:

"I’m probably more thrilled than you are !!

Seriously, though, that creepiness has not returned. I didn’t think I’d ever be free, even though I’ve prayed and shielded and worked on it myself."

From Minnesota - November 2020
(distance session)

"Good morning! I want to give you an update on my left arm and shoulder after last Thursday's Facebook Live event. Once the curse had been released, I went to bed and slept really well and woke up pain free in my left arm. Two days later, the pain in my right arm completely disappeared too. I've been able to get dressed, pull a sweater over my head, put on my winter jacket, etc. with no pain whatsoever. I've even been able to clasp my hands behind me and stretch my shoulders a bit by pulling my arms backward and upward without any pain. Thank you, thank you!"

From VS in Florida - November 2020
(distance session)

"I have had numerous sessions with Christine. The work she has done with me has very much been like peeling an onion. She has removed many different issues. One of the biggest ones was from a relationship I had decades ago; we were still cord-connected and when she cut the cord, I literally felt the snap back into my chest almost instantaneously – it literally felt like a giant rubber band hit me in the center of the chest. Afterwards as it healed, and I felt the shift, I felt as though a heavy wet wool blanket had been lifted off me and my life. Additional things we have worked on all are continuing to make a difference. I can always tell when a change is made because I will yawn – sometimes even before she is finished. I am eternally grateful to Christine for all the help she has given me through our healing sessions. Thank you SO much Chris! Xoxo"

From Dr N in Florida - October 2019
(distance session)

"Dear Christine;

It is from my highest and most sacred space that I am writing this note of gratitude.

I am quite fortunate to have crossed paths with you. And, this note is much overdue.

I came to you completely blocked off, from myself and and my world. I was very much living passively and as a result going through periods of depression and anxiety. I could not figure out why, and it was very much a source of frustration for me. I felt weak and hopeless. As a physician caring for very sick cardiac patients, I took the time to care for my patients and see them through periods of anxiety and depression. Why could I not do the same for myself? Despite having a dream life, why was I plagued with negative thoughts and lack of confidence. My health was starting to get effected. It was hard for me to make my own decisions and also to face that I felt like a failure in my own life.

Well, you definitely came along as my teacher and my healer. As we worked on breaking down my heart wall I noticed not only that I felt better, but I actually was better. I could sleep, which I haven't done in a long time. My blood pressure and cholesterol decreased. I came to full terms as a physician and living and understanding the mind-body relationship. I could not have a greater appreciation for energy work than I do right now. The energy work that you do, that is available at anytime is pure magic. You have helped in the treatment of headaches and severe acid reflux better than the migraine and reflux medicine I take. I really wish I could incorporate this energy healing for my patients in the operating room before and after surgery.

Thank you so much for bringing your gift of healing to me. I hope one day soon, your work as an energy healing doctor and my work as a physician can work together to help so many!

Much love and light"

From Anonymous in MN - June 2019 (in person session)

As a self-described 'open-minded skeptic', I had lots of questions for Christine before and during my healing session. She was kind and patient and open-minded with me, which made it easy to trust her and move through the experience. I had terrible knee pain due to a recent sprain and I was limping significantly before the treatment she provided. I was delightfully surprised at how much my pain had diminished immediately after the first session. I would say I went from a 7 to a 1-2 on the pain scale. Even days later, my pain remained under control. It was dramatic, and I was perplexed but so grateful and relieved. Despite my skepticism, the improvement was undeniable!

From Koryn in TX - May 2019 (distance session)

I am AMAZED at how much relief I got with Christine’s help! She sent a healing pulse once through a phone call and once through text and the pain is gone!!! I had been in pain for 5 days before getting in contact with Christine. I absolutely recommend getting in touch with her if you are having any pain!

From Bridgitt in TX - March 2019 (distance session)

Healing Pulse/Cord Cutting Testimonial

"The past few months I have been the recipient of unwanted energy (the dark side) of a quite a few negative individuals. I had heard of a "cord cutting" session, but never experienced it, so I really wasn't a true believer. I do believe in signs and they were all directing me to call.

I contacted Christine and asked about Cord Cutting. I wasn't sure how it was going to work when we were on opposite ends of the country. Christine was eager and said that she would be able to help. We were able to schedule a time for later in the evening.

It was the strangest sensation ever, but felt wonderful at the same time! I've never experienced anything like that! As Christine lead the Cord Cutting I closed my eyes and imagined the light and the power of the cords being severed and released and in that moment, I felt as if something was pulled through my solar plexus chakra. I was suddenly overcome with emotions and I wanted to cry. Christine said that was to be expected; I was releasing the cords that bound me.

Included in the cord cutting were sealing and healing of the wounds and a healing pulse. This was the second healing pulse I've gotten from Christine. Both were so powerful and energetic. They suddenly brought up tears I didn't know I had. From that moment on, I no longer felt connected to the negative energy that had me trapped. After the cords were cut, it truly felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Christine has an amazing healing ability. I was skeptical at first, but now I believe in the power of the Healing Pulse. I can't say enough, but I highly recommend Christine and her healing pulses. They are amazing and quite effective in healing."

From S in MN - March 2019 (distance session)

Healing Pulse Testimonial

"Christine has been sending me Healing Energy since 2013. She is learning new modalities often and I have used her to send me many healing energies. Every time she sends it there has been amazing success, from reducing the pain and sometimes completely removing all the pain. The latest modality is Healing Pulse. I had a shooting pain in my lower back for 2 weeks everything I tried did not work. It kept getting worse every day. After one Healing pulse the pain went from 7 to 3. Christine sent it one more time and the pain was immediately gone and it did not return. Christine is amazing and has helped me to be able to relieve much of my fibromyalgia pain."

From D in MN - March 2019 (distance session)

Healing Pulse Testimonial

"I had rotator cuff surgery after a fall and was experiencing numbness in my hand and forearm 8 months later. When the doctor recommended more surgery, Christine reached out to me and suggested that a Healing Pulse could help. We had two sessions via telephone and one via text, during which I experienced some relief from the symptoms. I received a second opinion today and received the news that I do not need additional surgery after all! In this particular scenario, healing is taking place over time, and Christine's gifts have very much helped in the process. In addition, we addressed some emotional issues, and I have experienced healing in those areas, as well. I highly recommend Christine! Her empathy and passion for healing are powerful and effective!"

From J in Wisconsin - 2018 (in person and distance)

"I have been to Christine a several times now. The first time was about 2 years after my husband died. I had never done Reiki before and was in a really bad place with my life and family!

Through different modalities, Reiki, Chakra testing and muscle testing she helped calm me and clear my mind. She helped me remove negative emotions that I was stuck on. She removed resentment and anger and I left there feeling better.

I saw her on a different occasion when I was feeling desperate and out of control with my emotions and full of anxiety. Again I left with a sense of calm and myself.

I recently went to see Christine again because I was feeling very stressed and anxious and all over the place with my thoughts and feelings, again! I couldn’t seem to pull myself out of the hole I was in and I was actually scared. I was stressed beyond stressed at work because of a co-worker, my heart had recently been broken, I’d been treated badly by a man I cared about, which brought back a lot of old painful feelings of hopelessness and insecurity that I will end up alone, from when my husband had passed away almost 7 years ago.

When I get to that point I seek her out, because I always feel better when I leave.

On top of the stress at work with a narcissistic relationship and the break up, I had a job interview scheduled in another department at my company and a possible second one for another different opening. I contacted her and we set up an appointment. Unfortunately it snowed that day and we had to reschedule.

She offered to tap in remotely and see if there were some blocks that she could remove before my interview. She removed the block of being articulate in my interview, being confident in my interview and released the trapped emotions of wishy-washy, taken for granted, peeved, self- abuse and shock that were trapped in different times in my life.

I went through that interview feeling pretty good. I however did not get the job. I contacted Christine and told her I didn’t get the first job but had another interview the following day. She again offered to tap in, removing the belief that “starting over is too hard/too much work. She reinforced the positive belief that “starting something new is exciting. This is so important to me so it’s worth the time and effort it requires”.

I got the job and now am looking forward to starting something new. I have a new hope, because I can see myself going down a new path to better things.

I will seek her out again when I need help getting back on track."

From Laura, Las Vegas - July 2017 (office session)

Christine is a wonderful healer who helped me process and recover from unresolved trauma from the past. I had chronic back pain that was unable to be treated despite several visits to orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, etc. After one very powerful and vivid session with Christine, I was able to recognize that the source of the pain was tied to some painful childhood memories and release the energy. She was extremely calming, nurturing, and kind and I felt a release that I haven't before. I would encourage anyone who has ever been curious or interested in any reiki or energy healing to try it out as Christine is very gifted and patient. 

From Shree in FL - May 2017 (distance session)

I've experienced a lot of healing modalities, and Christine's method is unique in its specificity. I believe it's that specificity that enables it to yield fast, focused results. Not only was Christine able to identify patterns of dysfunction that had been in place for years, she was also able to identify the sources. I left the session feeling almost dizzy with relief, and pounds lighter (that's a commonly used phrase, but I actually felt as though pounds had been lifted off me). Within a week, a situation that had been ongoing for over 20 years -- which I had felt totally powerless to remedy -- spontaneously moved toward resolution, and a postural problem I've also coped with for 20 years spontaneously resolved. This felt like magic.

From Athiena in VA - Feb 2017 (distance session)

The experience was absolutely amazing! It is hard to put it in to words. First & foremost, I was very skeptical, because we were doing it via FaceTime. To my surprise it did not & was not a rushed session at all. Christine took her time & actually spent extra time working to help me. She made me feel very comfortable & helped me understand exactly how everything worked. I have had severe neck pain for several years. To the extent where I had to have injections to try & relieve the pain, which was not a success. With Christine's guidance and assistance, I am happy to say that my neck pain is drastically reduced since my session with her. I definitely will be utilizing her talents again & I recommend others to take advantage of the gift she has been given to help others.

***I waited over a month to write my review to ensure it wasn't just my mind playing tricks on me!***

From Sara in MN - Mar 2013 (office session)

I remember meeting a friend for dinner she was absolutely glowing! I curiously asked her what she did to make her so happy? What was her secret? Whatever it was, I wanted it! She replied that she had some “Emotional Code” work done by Christine.

“Huh?’ I said very confused, “Explain this to me?” After her explanation, hearing more about the issues she felt were lifted from her shoulders, and a great recommendation I decided to give Christine a call.

I’m sure glad I did! Christine was a calm voice, a gentle presence, and clearly loved what she does. After some guidance and questions I picked 4 areas in my life that I felt needed work. We soon got started.

Now, I didn’t have any expectations…I just wanted to try something new. I had had therapy for some of the issues that I thought were resolved. After working with Christine I found out that there were many layers of Emotions that needed to be released.

After the sessions I experienced vivid dreams, sometimes headaches, but after about 24 hours I always felt so much weight lifted from my shoulders, my heart, and my head was clear.

Christine was very accessible, answered ALL my questions, and encouraged me to give her feedback. This process was uplifting. I tried really hard not to “think about the process” too much…I wanted to let the process flow and just “get out of the way”.

All-in-all Christine helped me release over 100 trapped emotions from a very difficult time in my life. I am so grateful for her expertise, guidance, and support.

My advice? Email Christine, get a dialog going, trust her passion, and let things flow.

-From a wife, mother of a teenager, farmer, and a northern Minnesota gal…Sara

From VS in CA - Feb 2013 (distance session)

I cannot say enough about how Chris has helped me through the use of the emotion code/body code.  There are a number of things she has helped me with in releasing trapped emotions.  Even though I have medical insurance, I travel often, so going to the doctor for something that is not an emergency can be a challenge.  I know the emotion code is not a replacement for actual medical care, but it has helped to determine issues I may not realize I am dealing with; for example, dehydration.  I’d been feeling severe back pain for a few days when I realized it was in the area of my kidney.  I was able to look up information on the internet about kidney stones and how to get rid of them.  Chris did a session with me, and found out I was dehydrated.  For someone that is an avid water drinker, I realized that my water intake the past week had been low for various reasons.  When I went back to my normal daily water intake, the back pain went away within a couple of days.  I did find out in my research that the best thing for kidney stones, was also an increase in water to flush it out.  It is interesting how our bodies can tell us what we need to do if we only learn how to listen to it.  With the emotion code and Chris’ help, I have better learned how to listen to and take better care of my body.  Thanks SO much!

From Gene in MA - Feb 2013 (distance session)

I had a sleeping disorder where I was only able to sleep 2-3 hours and wake up, fall back to sleep and again wake, never a full night’s sleep.  Continual release of these trapped emotions causing the disharmony and vibrating out of synchronization of my internal and spiritual self are slowing increasing my vibration frequency thus creating an uplifting.  Working with Christine has helped me to release the emotional baggage left over from the past, contributing to my situation.  After a few sessions and using some very helpful tools Christine presented to me, I began to notice a change and was sleeping in longer intervals.  The mechanics of how to forgive has also been a big step in the right direction.  Many thanks to Christine for getting in tune with me and helping me understand these internal problems often not considered, and if left unattended can result in serious emotional disorders that we unnecessarily drag through our life.  Thanks Again! Gene

From Margilyn Valle in MA - Feb 2013
(distance session)

"All of us have emotional baggage inside our bodies from painful or strong experiences from our past. Some of those emotions can get trapped and continue to cause us physical and emotional symptoms that can hold us back from relationships, physical wellness and reaching our full and authentic potential. Trapped emotions literally vibrate frequencies in our body. This can cause an endless cycle of symptoms that just can't be healed traditionally." Christine Jones website (The origin of this definition is from Dr Bradley Nelson author of the Emotion Code/Body Code.)

I couldn't grasp the above quote, until I worked with Christine.

Most of my life I have created "imaginary fears". This may sound harmless, however the fear I created was so real to me it would manifest into physical. High anxiety, heart palpitations and paranoia. I would try to "push" these fears and thoughts away, but they would just return time after time.

Christine came into my experience. A heavenly intervention happened and Christine contacted me in the midst of one of my "fear bouts" to participate with Emotion Code healing sessions. She had no idea of what I was going through, her contacting me seemed totally random.

After our first session through Skype, I started to feel a calm come over me. I want to share my relationship with Christine:
I met her through networking and healing classes with a dear mutual friend. I have had AMAZING Reiki treatments from Christine. My trust in her is limitless. Christine is a loving, trustworthy person. With ease and trust, I am able to share my deepest thoughts and fears with her, feeling safe. Feeling and knowing her loving, caring and nurturing spirit I let all my "walls" down and "let" her healing in.

Christine made me aware of many emotional blocks that I have been suppressing since childhood. At first I didn't relate to the emotions nor the ages I was experiencing these feelings. I was dealing with strong life altering suppressed emotions. After a few weeks of addressing these blocked emotions and thinking about that period of my life, I was suddenly able to put all into prospective and REMEMBERED. I knew this memory, this strong blocked emotion was affecting my life and at the root of my imaginary fears. Recognizing the emotions and being able to release it with guidance from Christine, has been truly life changing.

I want to climb a mountain top and yell "I AM FREE, I AM FREE." Being aware of how the Emotion Code works and being guided by Christine, released the negative, deep buried memories and emotions. Once released they are gone. On occasion a slippery little negative memory will raise it's head, but I follow my heart and remember the tools Christine gave me. Christine, thank you for raising my vibration to accept a relaxed, forgiving life.

Margilyn Valle


From Sheila in MN - Dec 2012 (distance session)

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2006. For the past 6 years I have been in extreme pain. Way over 10 on the pain scale. I also have S.A.D. (seasonal affected disorder).

I have not been able to do anything longer than 20 minutes, then I would have to sit for 30 min. to relieve some of the pain and to just rest. I would be exhausted when I went grocery shopping. After I carried all the groceries in the house I needed to take a nap before I could put anything away. Everything I did (which was not much) I scheduled around nap time. Taking a shower left me exhausted, I need to rest for 30 minutes before I could do the next thing. I ended up sitting a lot or be in bed in extreme pain.

I have tried everything you can think of from diet change to joining Life Time Fitness, chiropractic work, medications, naturalist practitioner, the list goes on and on.

THEN I learned about emotion code and found Christine, my life has changed dramatically. My pain level is around a 4-5 on the pain scale, when I do something the pain doesn't go over a 8. I have so much energy now. It is great to be able to get some house work done that has been left undone for 6 years. IT IS AMAZING. I can't say enough about Christine. She has changed my life. I feel so much better and I have so much energy.

Thank you Christine,


From Sage Bramhall in AR - Dec 2012
(distance session)

Do you have medical or emotional issues that seem to never go away regardless of how often you have gone to a doctor, or a psychologist?  Are you open to alternative therapies? If you answered yes to either of these questions Christine Jones may be able to assist you.

If you are willing to open yourself up and allow healing to take place, Emotion Code healing may be just the thing for you.

All of us have emotional baggage inside our bodies from painful or strong experiences from our past.  Some of those emotions can get trapped and continue to cause us physical and emotional symptoms that can hold us back from relationships, physical wellnes

s and reaching our full and authentic potential. Trapped emotions literally vibrate frequencies in our body.  This can cause an endless cycle of symptoms that just can’t be healed traditionally.

Rather than the continued efforts to pay medical doctors, Emotion Code Healing through Christine Jones could be your FINAL answer.  I have had physical symptoms trapped inside me for years from the loss of pregnancies, operations, emotional issues stemming from childhood and more. After using Christine as an alternative healer, and the use of Emotion Code I found my symptoms were far less severe, required no medication and my overall body and emotional state just seemed lighter. This was my own personal experience with her process.  I was very open to receiving the healing.  As Christine goes through the process she will have a first session with you by phone or Skype, then she will email you findings and trapped emotions based on your physical symptoms you specifically ask her to work on for you.  She will tell you when each emotion became trapped and where it is vibrating from. During this time you may experience vivid dreams or dream about people who haven’t been in your life for years.  This was certainly the case for me.  Like I stated before, I was able to cancel two expensive specialist appointments because I was becoming symptom free.  For the areas Christine worked on for me I am remaining close to symptom free.  My body does not feel as heavy.  It is my intention to use Christine again for additional symptoms such as chronic neck and upper back pain. 
Christine, herself, is a loving, caring, nurturing person who has a true desire to help her clients.  She works hard and communicates clearly.  I loved working with her, as we are similar in nature.  She has become more than just a healer to me but also a friend. 

I can safely say that if you are open to alternative therapy and the practice of releasing trapped emotions, you will grow and heal from your experience with Christine.

Sage Bramhall ~

From Pat Meier in AZ - Dec 2012 (distance session)

I can't say enough about the Emotion Code- releasing trapped emotions from the physical body played a massive role in my journey back to wellness, and for those seeking assistance with health issues I highly recommend it. During my sessions with Christine, I was blown away by the accuracy of the emotion being released as it time and again corresponded with an age where a traumatic event had occurred in my past. As far as physical validation, my symptoms immediately lessened upon the onset of treatment, and I can happily report that as of today I am now completely symptom free! And I must say that working with Christine was a pleasure, she makes it a very supportive experience by being available via phone, email, or Skype throughout the entire healing process.  


From D in WI - Nov 2012 (distance session)

Very early in my adult life I have said "I feel blocked."  Working with different modalities of therapy, including body work, massage therapy, trigger point massage, psychotherapy, and reiki seemed to sometimes lessen, but not eliminate, the feeling of being blocked.  I began work with Christine, and initially did not notice much of a change.  I began to realize that I was choosing clothing was lighter in color and texture and my physical space was rearranged providing a grounding and connectedness that I could not previously seem to create.  The Emotion Code work has provided me with an inner lightness and ease while expressing emotion and I no longer have the "blocked feeling" that has been with me for many ears.  

From D in MN - Nov 2012

I have felt like my emotions controlled me. I felt like my emotions had all the power over my life, my decisions, my health and my check book. At the very first healing session with Christine I felt immediate results. I began a whole new journey of healing. I began to process and release emotions that have been with me my entire life time. I now feel like I am a human who has feelings, not an obsessive overwhelming feeling pile that happens to be human. I am making decisions for my highest good with ease. Life is not a chore. I feel great everyday! My inner life is changing and now my outer life is starting to match. It has been fun to see my relationships changing. Ones that no longer serve are falling with ease. Ones that needed repair are in the process of repairing themselves effortlessly. And new relationships that are perfect for me are entering with grace. I have new energy and a new love of life now. I can't wait to see what life brings next!!

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